Author, performer and producer working in areas of live and video performances, contemporary dance and multimedial experimental theatre. Also creates video art and radiophonic sound art.

Co-founder of educational program PAP (Performing Arts Program) in Zagreb, Croatia.

Awarded with 3rd prize at THT@MSU 2016. yearly exhibition of contemporary arts for video performance ‘Salute’.

Awarded in New York with International audio fiction award in category Sarah Lawrence college students jury for her radiophonic drama ‘Krleža, stand in line!’.

Resident at Robert Wilson’s Watermill center in New York in 2017.

She performed at 4 continents and collaborated in New York, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazahstan, Brazil. She performed in international trio for improvised music with Russian pianist Roman Stolyar and Austrian electric violinist Mia Zabelka.

She represented Croatia at international Art’s birthday manifestation. Her long term improvisational music project “Whisper to me, I wanna yell!” had so far 3 international editions: Brazilian (solo), Kazahstan (3-language performance with ensemble Eegeru) and Croatian (6-languages concert with music collective ARKTIK – broadcasted live on 20 European and North American radio stations).

Currently she is developing program of newly founded non-profit arts organization ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future focused on producing art works in the fields of music, theatre video, film and visual arts dealing with socially engaged and activistic topics. More about it at



  • Come, rabbit, come! – open space performance at the peaceful demonstrations for forbidding the hunting of animals, Zagreb, Croatia
  • My voice, your voice – Radio-drama workshop, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sacra Croata Paulistano
  • Where do I belong? (Onde pertenço?) – performance, Sao Paulo, Brazil, The Croatian Culture week, Dalmatia Friends Club
  • Am I your most beautiful lesbian, bisexual, trans person ever? (Eu sou sua mais linda lésbica, bissexual e trans de sempre?) – performance, Festival Satyrianas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • “our Beautiful” – performance
  • Screen saver – video performans
  • Under the mountain – audio travelogue from Kazakhstan for Croatian Radio (broadcast Skitnje u zvuku)
  • Extreme routine – dance film
  • Who is faster? – theatre show for the end of the world
  • Krleža, stand in line! – theater play
  • Whisper to me, I wanna yell! – performance of music and text in Russian, Kazakh and Croatian language, Kazakhstan (Festival Revelation in Almaty)


  • Whisper to me, I wanna yell! – voice and text performance, Satyrianas Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Different me, different you – public performance with participants of the workshop of the same name, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Flying by sound, melting the words – the world premier of international trio of improvised music and text
  • It takes two to tango – contemporary dance
  • Quotes of dissent: A dialogue – performance with Elaine Angelopoluous in New York
  • Wax figure of Croatian artist in New York – series of public performances
  • Salute – performance at Robert Wilson’s New York City residence
  • Krleža, stand in line! – radio work for the “Ars acustica” show on Croatian radio
  • Golden medal – body performance, Perforations Festival
  • Kikiriki (Peanuts) – music video announcing theatre show Golden medal with alternative rock band Radost!
  • Close all slaughterhouses! – sound performance during peaceful public demonstrations organized by “Animal Liberation”




Education and workshops



(Iva Nerina Sibila)

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