How it was made – dance film “Extreme routine”


We have created 20 minutes of music and choreography and filmed a short dance film “Extreme routine” for seeking funds to develop full evening contemporary dance work.

Extreme Routine is a work-in-progress contemporary dance performance piece with currently 4 performers and in the final work planned with live string quartet, featuring the choreography of Vesna Mackovic (Croatia). and music by Denise Mei Yan Hofmann (Switzerland, Hong Kong).

Participants of work-in-progress:
Choreography: Vesna Mačković
Music composer: Denise Mei Yan Hofmann
Performers: Luka Barešić, Irena Boćkai, Ida Fučić, Michał Gostyński
Light design: Andrija Šantro
Camera: Noah Pintarić, Ivona Kraljević
Photography: Ivan Marinković

The visual concept of this piece is based on the physical movements of everyday life, highlighted and interrupted by a string quartet, living on the tonal extremes of instrumental ranges. Routine-like actions of contemplative musings to drinking coffee will be carried out by Vesna Mackovic and a group of performers who live out life in real time for us, highlighting the simultaneous struggle and beauty of our domesticity.

The sound world of Extreme Routine is made up of the contrast between silence, string quartet and amplified sounds derived from performers’ movements and everyday objects. Fueled by an additional layer of emotional narrative, the strings play a traditional role as soundtrack. The physicality of performers’ hand-movements is also integrated into the lines of the piece – as a result, every detail of this production is to be integrated into performance.