Trailer – ‘Golden medal’


18.6.2017, Festival Perforacije, Zagreb Dance Center

Reprise: 26.5.2018., Theater 21, Sisak

Author and Performer: Vesna Mačković
Music: Group Radost! (Branko Hlap Bogunović – guitar, vocal, Dimitrij Petrovic – drum, percussion, Dino Sylence Kraljet – bass guitar, Goran Bogunović – Biber – guitar, background vocal)
Scenography and props design: Vesna Mačković
Technical solution of props: Ines Kolenko (Elizabeth Grom)
Photography: Silvija Dogan, Ana Opalić
Video survey: Mladen Ergić filming, Vesna Mačković editing
Video content and music video: Ana Opalić

In the performance of the body “Golden medal” Vesna Mačković, with the technical and coaching support of the carefully selected team,  challenges several existential questions.

The evaluation of “games” in the concept of “bread and games” comes into question when games become superimposed, over-games and non-games. When games become a competition, idolatry and suicide. When games are no longer a game, they are no more than games. They become less and less games until in time they completely disappear from their own definition, and the word “games” takes on the most different meanings.