Little man wants to cross the line (MONTAЖ$TROJ)


Premiere: 14.3.2014., Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia
Performances: 15. i 16.3.2014.

Project named ‘LITTLE MAN WANTS TO CROSS THE LINE’ (LMWCL) was inspired by a cult Yugoslav new wave album ‘Paket aranžman’. This performance tried to question whether pop music is able to make social changes possible. We live in a capitalist society where music, even the one created over 30 years ago, is not treated as a public and cultural good. The text in this performance was not spoken but sung. Thirty people in the performing collective joined together professionals and amateurs – deprived members of the Croatian society: Old People, Dykes, Workers, Serbians, Women, Blacks… They were all united in the ‘’Choir of Little People” creating a new meaning for the empty phrase ‘little man’.




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