Who is Faster? – the Show for the End of the World

Poster of the show “Who is Faster? – the Show for the End of the World” (Antonio Dolić)


May 31, 2018, 8 p.m., Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia


May 31, .2019, 7:30 p.m., The Concert Hall of Bersa Brothers, Zadar, Croatia

Author Team :

Author: Vesna Mačković
Performers: Luka Barešić, Lana Bitenc, Ida Fučić, Vesna Mačković, Filip Sučić
Music: Filip Sučić (električna gitara), Vesna Mačković (glas, elektronika)
Photography: Ivan Marinković
Graphics: Antonio Dolić
Video documentation: Dina Karadžić, Dora Bodakoš, Nives Milješić
Costimography: Vesna Mačković
Props: Marija Despotović and Mačković family

Accomplished with the Support of:

Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb City Culture Office, Association for Audio-visial Culture ‘Camera’

About the Show:

This is a show that, accompanied by live music (Filip Sučić on the electric guitar and Vesna Mačković on the electronics and vocals), which is a sort of a master of the ceremony, depicts the world at its end, using visual complexities of scenography, costumes and movement. This is a show which glances at the prehistory, but also reaches far into the future. Who is faster and where do, really, go those who are faster?

Show Concept:

A vehicle. A trike. Or a romobil. Or a wheelchair. Or a supermarket cart.
Drivers. Drivers of vehicles. Time drivers. Endless universe drivers.
They travel together. Or they’re racing.
The question is who is faster? The one who is ahead or the one behind?
Behind of what? Behind the other? Behind the time? Behind the history?
And what can any of them do at all about their speed?
Can they travel through time? Or are they stuck in a simple mathematical formula that includes gravity and friction?
What is their luggage?
Plastic bottles are their value. Vehicles are full of  them. They flee to the scene.
The bottles are alive. They dance. The bottles wave to them out of the past. They wave to them out of the future.
Are these drivers sufficiently fast? Or are they too fast?

Video Trailers and Clips from the Priemiere:

Video trailer #1 for the show “Who is Faster?”
Video trailer #2 for the show “Who is Faster?”
Video trailer #3 for the show “Who is Faster?”
Clips from the premiere of the show “Who is Faster?”

Photos (Ivan Marinković)

Photos Announcing the Premiere:

Photos from the Premiere: