Voice and singing workshop (Anne-Marie Blink)


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Searching in our voice we meet different parts of our selves. We know only a part of our voice. All kind of emotions are written in our body and almost hidden for the voice.

By awakening the primal sounds of the body, we are enabled to produce a deeper and a richer voice. Within this method there is special attention paid to the use of our breath, the power and emotions of the voice, the support of the group, being part of the group and at the same time the conserving and remaining of yourself, your own personality. Anne-Marie stipulates that you must stay true to yourself whilst you are singing. Sing from your heart and understand that singing is more than just technique.

This workshop is for everybody who likes to sing. The work can help actors, singers and speakers in their use of their voice. The workshop is led by Anne-Marie Blink and is English spoken.

She works as a conductor, voice teacher and voice coach in the Netherlands as well as in different countries abroad on invitation. She gives also concerts in different regions of the voice. Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Astor Piazzolla and Gypsiemusic.

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