‘Quotes of dissent: A dialogue’ – announcing performance, New York, Elaine Angelopoulos and Vesna Mačković


Quotes of Dissent: A Dialogue Performance between Elaine Angelopoulos and Vesna Mačković is scheduled for Sunday, August 20th, 2017, at Bowling Green Park, in New York City; from noon until 3pm (rain or shine).

Quotes of Dissent is a collection of 80 quotes from historically respected American (and some English) social leaders (activists, historians, journalists, presidents, and theorists; persons of varied genders, ethnicities, and color) with different and possibly conflicting viewpoints regarding the act of dissent. In 2004, Angelopoulos collected these quotes from various sources and assembled into a form of a scroll, durable to sustain various environmental conditions for outdoor performances. As the performer recites the text on each page, the scroll is turned and slowly unravels to the ground to be read by onlookers.

In this current rendition of Quotes of Dissent: A Dialogue, Angelopoulos will perform the reading with the accompaniment of Vesna Mackovic, who will translate and recite the quotes in the Croatian language. Thereafter, Angelopoulos together with the audience will listen to Vesna exclaim quotes on freedom in the Croatian language and in the cultural context of Croatia today.


—— Elaine Angelopoulos lives and works in New York City. She is an artist with an interdisciplinary approach that bridges her studio practice with audience participation, with select installations and performances. Her work has been exhibited in New York, the United States, and in Europe. Angelopoulos received a Franklin Furnace Fund/Jerome Fellowship in 2014/15. Recently, her work was included in the summer group exhibition, “Art on the Front Lines” at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York City.

——- Vesna Mačković lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia, She’s and author, performer and producer in contemporary dance and multimedial experimental theatre shows, and is co-founder of educational program PAP (Performing Arts Program) based in Zagreb. Mackovic has been awarded the 3rd prize at THT@MSU 2016, at exhibition of contemporary arts for video performance ‘Salute’. This video performance had it’s revival at Robert Wilson Watermill residency Summer Gala in July 2017.