Close all slaughterhouses! – performance during peaceful public demonstrations, Zagreb 2017.


2017-5-27, King Tomislav Square, Zagreb – A protest for closing of all slaughterhouses

The Animal Liberation Initiative organized a second international demonstration in Zagreb on Saturday, 27 May 2017, “ANIMAL LIBERATION for closing of all the slaughterhouses”.
The aim of the protest was to alert the citizens to the unnecessary and morally unacceptable daily suffering and torment of millions enslaved animals, pointing out the extreme cruelty of the industry regarding meat, milk, eggs, skin, silk, fur, cosmetics and medicines tested on animals, etc. and to give notice to particularly damaging health and environmental consequences of growing industrial production and consumption of meat and dairy products.

Vesna Mačković, among others, before the demonstation participated in a video call to invite people in joining:

A protest report