Intensities – radiophonic cover of multimedia dance performance


Premiere: 26. 11. 2015., Croatian radio 3, Radio atelje

Director: Vedran Hleb,
Music editor: Adriana Kramarić,
Dramaturg: Katja Šimunić.
Own text interprets: Vesna Mačković.
Music: Alen and Nenad Sinkauz.

This work as radiophonic echo of the same name stage work (dance multimedia play “Intensities”) establishes itself as a composite radio-stage performance in to this radio play by interweaving of triple narrative lines: autofictional, fictional and self-reflective. Vesna Mačković choreographs sounds like a memory of the play, evoking her states during the performance, describes one of her working days and gives a comment on the precarious life of the artist today.

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Photos from the studio