Screen saver – video performans


Premiere: 28.9.2018., Zagreb, The Festival of the First

Idea, concept: Vesna Mačković
Camera, editing, sound: Ana Opalić
3D animation, voice and text: Vesna Mačković


  • Video was presented in biennial edition of magazine Women Cinemakers
  • The video was selected for the exhibiton ‘Age of emptiness’ of The Festival of the first, Zagreb, Croatia


What is our reality?
What is the reality of certain others?
What kind of imagined or virtual worlds are we running to, and to what are they?

The inspiration for this video work I find in growing alienation I feel about life chained with physical existence.
Through this work, I ask myself what kind of existence do I aspire to. I wonder what would I miss from the physical world if I existed only as an energy cluster.
In the end, I wonder, if there are beings who live only as energy clusters which virtual realities such beings strive to and what are their screensavers?
Where do such beings wish to escape to?

Magazin Women Cinemakers (Bijenalno izdanje 2018.)

Interview transcribed:

‘Screen saver’ presented in Biennial edition of Women Cinemakers, 18.09.2018.

Video stills, filmed by Ana Opalić