Shadow casters: Urban hum – 2nd episode: T.F.T.


2015-03-19 Brujanje grada - premijera 25
Premiere: Pogon JEDINSTVO, Zagreb, Croatia | velika dvorana | 19.3.2015.

Author of the project: Boris Bakal

Performers and associates:
Nikolina Butorac (visual artist),
Dora Kokolj (dancer, art historian),
Nikolina Komljenović (dancer, choreographer, acrobat),
Vesna Mačković (dancer, actress),
Nikša Marinović (actor, musician, composer),
Veno Mušinović (philosopher, movie director),
Anja Pletikosa (dramaturgy),
Leo Vukelić (scenografy, theatre producer, performer, electrotechnician);
with support of Ivana Bakal (intermedial artist, costume designer) and Sandra Uskoković (art historian).

Urban Hum is a multidisciplinary platform with the goal of critical thinking presentation, preservation and interpretation of urban, public spaces in the region. Our mission connects us to each other with our different histories, playing (former) multi-cultural nation. Our goal is to transform the local community from the places in which we live into a place that we love and understand – together. Partners on the project URBAN HUM are: Association of Shadow Casters, Croatia (project leader); The Association for Culture and Art FRU, Macedonia; REX Cultural Centre, Serbia; Qendra Multimedia, Kosovo; Expeditio, Montenegro.

2015-03-19 Brujanje grada - premijera 49

2015-03-19 Brujanje grada - premijera 47

2015-03-19 Brujanje grada - premijera 22


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