It takes two to tango


Premiere: 13.9., 19:30h
Reprise: 14. i 15.9., 19:30h
Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia

Performers: Vesna Mačković i Sven Copony

Author: Vesna Mačković
Choreography: Sven Copony
Text: Vesna Mačković
Sound design and mix: Sven Copony
Photography: Ana Opalić
Production: Association for Audio-Visual Culture ‘Camera’

In this contemporary dance performance, performers Vesna Mačković and Sven Copony are exploring a range of emotions, from rejection of closeness over the restraint to the rapprochement and complete intimacy. They will dance in It takes two to tango, evocating emotions just like in life: from fear to courage and from loneliness to the passion and connection.

Who am I?
Whose am I?
The world has changed.
Love is new.
I live in a fear of complete surrender.
Like I’m going to lose (a part of) myself
the moment I start dancing life
with my steps along with your’s.
I live in a fear that I will not know  how to distinguish
your steps from mine.
And for the tango it still takes two.
Who am I?
Whose am I?

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Press clipping

Interview for Pogon announcing the premiere of ‘It takes two to tango’, 05.09.2017.

Pogon – Announcement of the premiere of the performance ‘It takes two to tango’, 05.09.2017. – New artistic achievements of Vesna Mačković, 12.09.2017.

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‘Transcendental experience. From the first picture I went into a parallel world where I stayed to the end. ‘ (Ivica Buljan)

‘Thought provoking, emotionally charged and totally unexpected! Brilliant!’