Two of them



Premiere: 18.06.2016. u 20h, Zagreb, Croatia, Festival Perforacije 2016., Teatar &TD
19.06.2016. u 20h

Authors: Vesna Mačković i Jelena Mesar
Actresses: Vesna Mačković, Jelena Mesar
Text: Jelena Mesar
Piano and arrangement: Jelena Mesar
Audio and video technitian: Saša Obad
Costumes creation: Diana Mihalić
Fotography: Edita Sentić
Make-up: Martina Ćiljevuk

Producers: Udruga Domino, Udruga za audio-vizualnu kulturu “Kamera”.
Predstava je financirana sredstvima Ministarstva kulture i Udruge Domino.
Zahvaljujemo: Teatar &TD, Pučko otvoreno učilište.

About the show

Two of them challenge the systems of stereotypical thinking and its effects, prejudice and discrimination, but most of all those loosely hidden in so called positive thoughts – so pretty, and so clever! Where is the border between the need for stereotypes to survive and pure laziness? Stereotypes are relative to our identities and borders between us and them. Two of them do not go together.

Unrealistic simplification of the world defined them both as victims but also as perpetrators of stereotypical thinking. The two of them draw lines of joint interpersonal movement from distrust and arguments to egotism and are searching for the value of the stereotype variable and whether it is beyond direct sensory experience or whether clear thinking can deactivate the mechanism of stereotype.

Where is the line between two of them and all of us? You know the two of them. The blond one and that disabled girl that dances.

Jelena Mesar

Critiques, reviews – Iva Rosandić: U potrazi za svojim mjestom, 30.6.2016.

Libela –  Stephanie Stelko: Predrasude i diskriminacija: ‘Njih dvije’ – igra tijelima i stereotipima

Kritikaz – Olga Vujović: Ona plava i ona cura invalid što pleše, 2.7.2016.

Costume sketch


Programme booklet

programska-knjizica-6-3 programska-knjizica-8-1 programska-knjizica-4-5 programska-knjizica-2-7

Photography: Edita Sentić


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