Under a glass bell



Experimental art project of movement, sound and text


29.9.-2.10.2106., Pogon Jedinstvo, Velika dvorana, Zagreb


27.-28.4.2017. Sisak, Croatia, Festival Sisak dances
26.9.2017., Zagreb, Croatia, Sounded bodies festival

Authoring team

Author and performer: Vesna Mačković
Music: 309th day of the year (Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz, Miroslav Piškulić)
Light design: Saša Fistrić
Ligh technitian: Matija Jelić
Costume design: Vesna Mačković
Costume making: Diana Mihalić
Head installation: Damajanti Kondres
Photography, video: Ana Opalić

Introduction to the show

Under a glass bell I am safe from the world.
My light.
My warmth.
My air.
My home.
I am a vegetating plant.
A plant that is its own oxygen and food.
Under a glass bell the world is safe from me.
I am happy.

Concept of research

The play is performed as a solo research performance. Under light simulating a glass bell performer through movement, voice, text and music explores the challenges life in civilization.

The challenges that are her concerns relate to the body vulnerable to the outside world because of its physical weaknesses. Questioning physical security as a result has examination of the meaning of life in loneliness.

The challenges that she explores through thought and text refer to the mind which is struggling with the concept of ‘civilization’. How concepts such as war, violence, bloodshed, exploitation, theft, lack of dignity of life in social security and healthcare area can be conceptually a subset of the concept of ‘civilization’.

The sounds are her finest reality under a glass bell, and the music she heara in herself or from outside herself make her world deceptively complete.

Video teaser (Ana Opalić)

Press clipping

Plesna scena – Vesna Mačković: Želim stvarati svoje radove (novinarka Katarina Kolega), 5.10.2016.

30.09.2016. Hrvatski radio 1 – Katapultura – intervju povodom premijere ‘Pod staklenim zvonom’ (novinarka: Katarina Kolega)

25.09.2016. Radio 101 – Artikulacija – povodom premijere ‘Pod staklenim zvonom’ (novinarka: Nela Simić)

Interview for Pogon announcing premiere of ‘Under a glass bell’, 5.9.2016.

Photography (Ana Opalić)


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