Case study: IMRC, Croatia (Disability Arts International)


Croatia   Disability Arts International

Iva Nerina Sibila o našoj predstavi “Magnolija (ili prkos)”:

Magnolia (or Defiance) is more complex in concept and dramaturgy, and much more demanding to watch. The main input and idea came from Vesna, who is a writer and painter, and her experience of disability, long immobility, pain, and creativity, as well as a fascination with Kazuo Ohno. In contrast to the first piece, in Magnolia movement is very limited, restricted. It’s mostly a manifestation of specific mental or emotional states that we were trying to dig into. It is a duet, and Silvia and Vesna spend a lot of time alone, pushing each other’s voyage from a distance. From the very first rehearsal, it was obvious that they have a special chemistry together and that in close contact they produce poetry. So, we went the “hard way” and tried to create a zone where each of them fully emancipates through very personal sensitivities and issues and towards the end they kind of flow into each other. As a dramaturgical framework we stayed with Kazuo Ohno’s works and used him as a mediator, so the music we use is quotations and some movement flashes. The fascination was not with Butoh, but his transcendence in movement, the transgression of identity and deep mental zones from where his dancing arises.’